About First Light

My name is Shule Going, the owner operator of First Light. I have worked in retail and technology for 13 years at Shopify Plus, Windsor Smith, Globe, MAAP and Brands.co.nz. With this experience I started First Light to provide specialist development services to retail and wholesale businesses around the world.

Based out of New Zealand, First Light have a team of highly skilled full stack developers. We don't do digital marketing, social media, PR, graphic design etc like many other agencies; this allows us to hone in on delivering the best possible development services possible.

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First Light Values

Our team is built around specific behaviors, these guide the way we operate and serve our customers.

We deliver value early and often

This could be in the form of a thoughtful discussion to learn about your business, through to project updates, delivery and support.

We find a way 

We seek solutions through ingenuity. If you are facing a problem we will “find a way” to solve it.

We simplify

We thrive on bringing simplicity and elegance in our solutions and communication.

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence

We believe “how you do anything is how you do everything”. We hold high standards in every aspect of our service and internal operations.